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Main Features:

•    Fully programmable operations.

•    Universal manifold design for all type of mpfi injectors.

•    Pulse flow test, RPM test, Solonoid Cleaning, Shower Cleaning, Leak test in automatic mode as well as manual mode.

•    Programmable injector pulse mode : The operator can check the injector pulse width and frequency at will with in the rpm from 500 to 9900 rpm steps and ms, From 1.5 to 17ms In 0.1ms steps to see.

•    Measurement Test: Is for to see the spray pattern and measure the discharge chemical of each injector before or after cleaning.

•    Easy & quick installation of injector.

•    Chemical is recycled for long time.

Special Features:

•    First time in India with L.C.D. Display (Alpha-Numeric).

•    Machine can be operated by external battery in case of power failure on battery mode.

•    Universal adaptor for all types of injectors.

•    Micro switch are used for front panel.

•    Electronic tank level indicator with buzzer sound warming for empty tank.

•    No external air compressor required.

•    Totalizer: After cleaning the set of injector in automatic mode the counter will count from 001 to 999.

•    No attendant required to be present while the injectors are being cleaned.

•    Battery test mode: To check the car battery voltage (either battery is discharge of charged).

Technical Specifications

Time programming

To set the programming time of every mode

L.C.D. Display

16 x 2 line display with back light

Battery test

To check the battery voltage

Drain key

To discharge chemical from the rail

Emergency stop

To stop the operation at any time or program

Enter key

To expect the program

Start key

To start the operation

Delete key

For previous menu

Automatic key

For automatic operation

Manual key

For manual operation

Measurement key

To measure the spray pattern

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