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Main Features:

•    Latest version of Zigbee wireless communication system.

•    Steering Lock, Brake Lock, 2 Turn Tables.

•    3600 line CCD aligner and 8 beam infrared optical sensors – High Precison.

•    High accuracy Inclinometer from VIT of Finland.

•    Caster Measurement directly and no turn-table reading need.

•    Sensors can be exchanged by any others with recalibration within 3-5 years.

•    Electronic level display.

•    The sensors can work continuously for nearly 18 hours with the 1800 mAh batteries and recharged for 1000 times.

•    Ten thousand types of vehicle data.

•    Diverse languages with English, Spanish, Korea, German, Russia and so on.

•    Linux, Winxp or Vista operating systems supported.

Technical Specifications

Measuring Parameter

Measuring Accuracy

Measuring Range


Toe Angle




Single Toe Angle




Camber Angle




Trust Angle Set Back




Kingpin Caster Angle




Kingpin Inclination Angle




Steering Angle




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